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About us

   The Baltic SAD customs agency,  from the beginning of its presence on the market has proved to be a company  that primarily focuses on the quality of services, individual approach to the clientand professional implementation of each order. Our company, founded in 2015, has become a recognized provider of a range of services for the customs services orders. Over 25 years of experience of our staff allows for comprehensive and specialized service and consulting in the field of customs clearance.
   Wide knowledge gained over the years and adjustment to changes in the structure of the customs thematic sector, has allowed us to systematically strengthen our market position. Our team is characterized by a great openness and flexibility in contact with the customer. Qualifications allow us to efficient and trouble-free execution of entrusted orders in accordance with the guidelines imposed by the inspection bodies, with simultaneous supervision of document circulation, which allows us to shorten the time of the entire process.
   Proficiency in running our services minimizes the requirements that are set for every entrepreneur, which gives us the opportunity to take care of the other essential issues. We offer our services directly to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to global corporations. The efforts we show translate into customer satisfaction, for whom we carry out the necessary customs formalities - from the beginning to the successful completion.  

Baltic SAD S.C.

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